Looking for quality workers from Ukraine?

Institute of Czech-Ukrainian Cooperation provides Czech companies with comprehensive and smooth services for fast recruitment of quality workers from Ukraine with valid work visa to the Czech Republic.

Fast and hassle free

We deliver workers all over the Czech Republic within 1.5 months from the date of order. Our recruitment consultants and account managers take care of all communication and operations.

Successful and legal

We have been successfully operating on the international labor market since 2005. We meet the requirements of the Recruitment Licence from the General Directorate of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic and the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

recruited workers from Ukraine
applicants in our database
workers complete the entire contract period
workers hired by their employers repeatedly or on a long term basis

Choose, and leave the rest to us...

  • We analyze needs of employers and offer suitable candidates.
  • We secure valid work visa to the Czech Republic.
  • We provide transport to / from employers.
  • We assist / interpret during entry administration, etc.
  • We continuously support employers and workers in various situations.

… and don't pay until the work is done.

  • We present CVs of candidates interested in specific job offers FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Final recruitment fee is only required at the end of the contract period and always corresponds to the time really worked.
  • The recruitment fee is determined on the basis of specific jobs.
They say about us:

“We have been cooperating with ICUS since 2017. We received several hundreds of workers from Ukraine, and we are very satisfied with them. I appreciate the wide range of services and the professional approach of ICUS, which I consider to be highly above standard in comparison with other recruiters. We have minimum work with the entire recruitment process.”

Petra MouckovaHR Director / Pfeifer Group

“I received accurate information from the ICUS consultant about the job offer, the employer, accommodation and the whole procedure for obtaining a work permit to the Czech Republic. What they promised on behalf of Pfeifer was always true. I have been working here for several months and I thank the ICUS for a quality job, for money and for taking care of everything. I have recommended ICUS cousins and are working here with me today.”

Iryna BulavaIryna Bulava / Production Line Operator / Pfeifer Group

“ICUS supplied us very quickly with skilled carpenters, bricklayers and railroad workers from Ukraine. I appreciate that we were offered candidates with required skills and specific medical condition to choose from, therefore, I did not have to spend unnecessary time looking at inappropriate CVs. I also thank the ICUS consultants for their intensive assistance during the day of arrival of the workers to Prostejov. ”

Dipl. Eng. Bretislava VyhlidalovaOperations Director / Tomi Remont

“I thank the ICUS for finding me a great job in Tomi-Remont, for obtaining a work permit to the Czech Republic and, in general, for enabling me to improve my life. I really like that whenever I do not understand something and have some questions, I just call the ICUS and their consultants always explain to me everything in detail and politely. I recommend to all my friends in Ukraine to go to work to the Czech Republic through ICUS. ”

Sergii Chernysh Bricklayer / Tomi Remont

„ICUS provides us with high quality and comprehensive services. The workers from Ukraine we received are well selected, prepared and, above all, hardworking. I also like the immediate and effective support of the ICUS team in solving various situations during the stay of the employees.”

Dipl. Eng. Petr KohelCEO / Holz Schiller

“I worked at Holz Schiller before. The company management later handed me over to the ICUS and I am very satisfied with their services. The consultants have elaborated the documents for obtaining a work visa and explained to me what and where to do so that I start working in the Czech Republic asap. I left the Ukraine together with others on a bus provided by the ICUS on a precisely agreed date and time. What they promised, they always delivered. ”

Yevhenii Usenko Planer Operator / Holz Schiller
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Institute of Czech-Ukrainian Cooperation

Institute of Czech-Ukrainian Cooperation is part of the GGC Group, whose recruitment agencies have been successfully operating on the international labor market since 2005.  We cooperate with thousands of applicants and dozens of significant employers.  We have many years of experience with centralized management of search, headhunting, training, relocation, orientation or accommodation of our applicants in culturally different destinations abroad. Since 2017 we have been successfully applying this experience within the recruitment services from Ukraine to the Czech Republic.